Thank you Martin, Welcome Shelly


Thank you Martin Hiscock

A heartfelt thank you to Martin Hiscock, for the fabulous work he has achieved over the last year as Champney’s West’s first Community Development Officer.  Anyone visiting our community can see the results of that work. The foundations and floor of the aquarium being the most obvious.  There was of course plenty more work going on in the background, the outcomes of which we will see over the coming months and indeed years as our projects develop.

We are glad to say that Martin is not leaving us but has kindly agreed to stay on as secretary to the Board of the Champney’s West Heritage Group.  He will also be there to assist our new community development officer as she takes over the reins.


Welcome Shelly Blackmore

Shelly Blackmore is our new Community Development Officer; she started work at the beginning of January 2015 and will be with us for a year.  Her past work experience includes the role of economic development officer for Discovery Regional Development Board and owner/operator of Captain Blackmore’s Heritage Manor in Port Union.   So she knows the area well.

Shelly has been involved with the Aquarium project since its early stages. She was instrumental in preparing the application that was submitted to the Federal and Provincial governments for the funding of the aquarium. This included writing the economic development aspect and having a detailed understanding of the budget.


Shelly’s busy year will be focused on:


  • Ensuring the completion of the Aquarium build
  • Continuing work on the proposed Fox Island Trail Expansion
  • Exploring the options for an archaeological dig


Please do not hesitate to contact Shelly if you would like any more information on any of these initiatives.


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