We’re hiring – Closing Date 18th February 2022

Employment Opportunity
Executive Coordinator – Champney’s West Heritage Group

Reporting to the Board of Directors of Champney’s West Heritage Group (CWHG), the Coordinator will be responsible for the operation of activities of CWHG – Aquarium, Museum, Archeological Dig and Hiking Trail. 

Key Responsibilities:

Management of Human Resources.  CWHG typically employs up to 8 individuals during the summer period. These individuals work in various capacities such as interpreters at the aquarium, property maintenance, museum coordinator and computer support. The Coordinator will have either direct supervisory or co-supervisory responsibility for all employees.

Financial Operations and Fund Development.  The Coordinator is responsible for ensuring effective and accurate financial management for the organization. The Coordinator works with the Board of Directors to ensure there are sufficient financial resources to support planned activities. This includes exploring funding opportunities across sectors, as well as through revenue generation, to ensure a diverse and strong financial foundation for the organization. The Coordinator is responsible for ensuring timely and accurate financial accounting.

Program Oversight. CWHG offers educational programming at the aquarium and other sites. The coordinator will ensure that qualified instructors are in place for such programs and will add direct support as required.

Communications and Public Relations. The Coordinator acts as the communications officer and public face for CWHG.  The Coordinator will participate in activities to help raise the profile of CWHG and oversees the development and implementation of communications strategies (including social media).

Health and Safety.  The Coordinator must work in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, applicable regulations and all organizational health and safety requirements and procedures to ensure the health and safety of visitors, staff, volunteers and students.

Desired Qualifications. The successful applicant will be passionate about community development with strong communication, facilitation and interpersonal skills. They must possess an undergraduate degree or equivalent experience in Business Administration, Community Economic Development, education or related field.  Experience in strategic planning and fund development strategies, supervising individuals, entrepreneurship development, or non-profit management are required. Experience of marketing, partnership development, the tourism industry or retail would be considered an asset. Budget management, leadership (strategic and operational), and advanced computer skills including maintaining social media accounts and website updates are also required. 

Work Details: The position requires the Coordinator to work out of the office located at Champney’s West Heritage House, Champney’s West, as well as, the Champney’s West Aquarium.   The position will be 35 hours per week during the spring and summer period and approximately 1 day per week the balance of the year.  Flexibility in work hours is essential, with evenings and weekend work required during peak tourist season. Similarly, time flexibility will be offered to the employee.

Salary – up to $22 per hour        

Full course of COVID vaccination is required      

Flexible start date

Applications should be submitted by 5.00 p.m. Friday 18th February 2022 to
Champney’s West Heritage Group, Box 12, Site 9, Port Rexton, NL  A0C 2H0
 or by Email to Catherine Street, CWHG secretary : 

Invitation to “An Ocean of Opportunity” plus Science Literacy Week at Champney’s West Aquarium

Doors are open and events are free as we continue to celebrate Science Literacy Week at Champney’s West Aquarium.  Join us on Saturday, Sept 21st at 2 pm for “An Ocean of Opportunity” by Dr. Paul Snelgrove, Professor, Memorial University and Director of Canadian Healthy Oceans Network.  The presentation will be followed by the official opening of the Edison B. Freeman Learning Centre and refreshments. 

Champney’s West Aquarium Celebrates Science Literacy Week

Champney’s West Aquarium is pleased to host Science Literacy Week.  We have events planned from September 16th to 21st, 2019.  Our topic for the week is Ocean Plastics and its Relationship to the Ecosystem.  This opportunity is funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada and conducted in partnership with the Ocean Science Centre of Memorial University.  We are looking forward to the week and greatly appreciate the support extended from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

Science Literacy Week 15th September

Programming appropriate for all school age groups will be offered.  Students will participate by grades (approximately 45 students per group).  Kindergarten, grades 1-3, 4-6, 7-8.  Information collected from shore clean ups will be analyzed and placed in the context of the living animals (>25 species of fish and invertebrates) in the aquarium and static displays.  In parallel, outside activities will involve collecting/observing specimens in the intertidal zone, analysis of wave action, etc. 

Students will spend the day at CW Aquarium.  Estimated time of arrival 9:30 and return to school prior to dismissal time.  Activities will be appropriate to the grade levels attending.  Recess times and lunch time to be scheduled.  Bring a bag lunch.  Admission is free.  Bussing subsidy is available. 

Funding provided by National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. 

Dates still available:

Tuesday, Sept 17th

Thursday, Sept 19th

Friday, Sept 20th  – Grade 7 & 8 group booked – Space available for up to 20 Grade 7 & 8 Students