Champney’s West Weekend – 2014

Even the weather cooperated (eventually) and Champney’s West days were once again a huge success, thanks to everyone’s hard work

New to this year’s event was the Go Cart racing, only one wipe out, the rest sailed, at various speeds, but all in style over the finish line.



IMG_1736 IMG_1731


The famous Cardboard Boats races were a huge success again this year.  Here is a sample of some of the fantastic boats that took to the water that day.  How some stayed afloat , with that many people in I will never know.



IMG_1820 IMG_1745 IMG_1778 IMG_1791 IMG_1802


Sorry for the delay posting these photos, but I hope you will agree they were worth the wait.  Thanks to Michael Fabricant (MP UK)  for the camera work