Science Literacy Week 15th September

Programming appropriate for all school age groups will be offered.  Students will participate by grades (approximately 45 students per group).  Kindergarten, grades 1-3, 4-6, 7-8.  Information collected from shore clean ups will be analyzed and placed in the context of the living animals (>25 species of fish and invertebrates) in the aquarium and static displays.  In parallel, outside activities will involve collecting/observing specimens in the intertidal zone, analysis of wave action, etc. 

Students will spend the day at CW Aquarium.  Estimated time of arrival 9:30 and return to school prior to dismissal time.  Activities will be appropriate to the grade levels attending.  Recess times and lunch time to be scheduled.  Bring a bag lunch.  Admission is free.  Bussing subsidy is available. 

Funding provided by National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. 

Dates still available:

Tuesday, Sept 17th

Thursday, Sept 19th

Friday, Sept 20th  – Grade 7 & 8 group booked – Space available for up to 20 Grade 7 & 8 Students

Champney’s West Days – 12th – 14th August

Yes it is that time of year again.  Champney’s West will be full of artistic talent (Friday’s old fashioned variety concert), glamour (the gorgeous island girls) and Olympic quality sailing (cardboard box boat racing)  Come and join us for a weekend of fun and laughter.


Friday August 12th

  • Old Fashioned Variety Concert:

○Starting at 7:00pm

○For tickets, call Selby Freeman at (709)464-3203

Saturday August 13th

  • 50/50 Bingo:

○Starting at 2:00pm at the Recreation Hall

Sunday August 14th

  • Lunch is being served at noon:

○Fish and Brews

○Soup and Sandwiches

○Baked Beans


○Tea and Coffee


  • 1:00pm:

○Games of Chance by the Wharf

○Live Entertainment

○Island Girls Walk the Plank Auction to follow


  • 2:30pm:

○Bobber Race


  • 3:00pm:

○Cardboard Boat Races

○Ticket Draw to Follow


  • 9:30pm:


Memorial University Staff Continue to Provide Support to the Aquarium Development

Memorial University continues to support the aquarium at Champney’s West.  On  July 10, 2015 Jim Devereaux (Laboratory Services Supervisor) and John Evely (Water Quality Specialist) from the Ocean Sciences Centre were on site to advise on plumbing and pumping requirements for the sea water system.  At the same time Danny Boyce (Facilities and Business Manager, Joe Brown Aquatic Research Building) was in Champney’s West to work with local fisherman Charlie Freeman in the collection of lumpfish.  Joining Danny was the Field Services team  (Andrew Perry and Zach Ryan ) who were able to identify the best site for sea water intake . While on site the divers were also able to deploy a buoy with a temperature monitoring device that will give water temperatures for the next six months and allow a focusing of the water flow requirements  to meet  the needs  of the facility in an energy efficient manner.

The next Memorial supported activity was Aug 8, when Danielle Nichols, Director of Public Education  arranged  for the OSC touch tank to be in the community for Champney’s West  days.  On hand to display the animals were MUN students  Chelsea Bishop  and Ally Macarthu . This was the forth year the touch tank has been in Champney’s West and as in past years attracted many children of all ages.   The touch tank has been important in keeping public interest alive in the aquarium project.

Next Memorial personnel scheduled to assist in aquarium development will be Bob Hooper (Professor, Department of Biology) and F iona Cuthbert (Instructor, Department of Biology).  Calling upon years of experience at the Bonne Bay Marine Station, Bob and Fiona will advise on the layout and nature of aquaria in the public viewing area. They will craft a plan for the number, size, and content of viewing tanks  in the open area.  This will allow the physical aspects of the aquarium to be complete and will set the stage for activating the displays in spring 2016.

Other Memorial personnel who are engaged in the development of the aquarium are Catherine Street, from the Faculty of Medicine, who serves on the Board of Directors of the Champney’s  West Heritage Group and also maintains the webpage, and Bill Driedzic (Professor and Canada Research Chair in Marine Bioscience).  Bill also serves on the Champney’s West  Heritage Group Board and co-ordinates activities of Memorial personnel.