Try your luck on the 50 / 50 Draw



Champneys West Heritage Group Inc is partnering with Food Stop, Port Rexton in sponsoring a new 50/50 draw at their store in Port Rexton. This draw would take place Monday afternoon of each week at the FoodStop store.


The ticket will cost $2.00, this ticket will allow you to enter a weekly draw.


You are in no way obligated to enter every week but if your number is drawn and you haven’t paid to enter you will not collect the prize.


If you are interested in this new lottery please fill in the basic information below and you will be assigned a number. This number will be your membership number to enter the draw every week that you pay your $2.00.

You will need to purchase a small item in order to participate in the Lottery

Please drop off your entry form at the Foodstop in Port Rexton, or Heritage House, Champneys West (Yellow house on left going down Jack’s Hill.)


This 50/50 draw will be very similar to other draws in the region.

Our first draw will be on Monday  Feb 1st  2016.  The prize is dependent on the ticket sales, if your number is drawn and you haven’t paid the $2.00 then the amount that is collected will be added to the next draw.  This draw is expected to get larger each week as more people enter.

Information regarding this draw can be obtained by dropping by or calling  Foodstop  at 464-2165 or by calling the Heritage House 464-2173 or 464-3846

Thank you and Good Luck


Name: ___________________________       Number ______

Phone ___________________________


NOTE:   Your name and phone number will only have to be entered once on this form, we need this information to assign you a number which will be the same every week, and of course we need your contact info in case you win.

By entering your name and phone number on this form you are not automatically entered in the draw and you are not obligated to play every week.


Licence Number 16-10024800LT