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While it’s not the same as visiting our community in person, we do wish that your experience with our web site is both enjoyable and informative. You can read our latest news by visiting our News and Media page and learn more about our organization by clicking here.

Recycling ? Please consider supporting us by dropping your recyclables at the Green Depots in Bonavista or Clarneville and tell staff they are for Champney’s West Heritage Group Inc.

Development And Educational Projects

Welcome to all our visitors

Public Aquarium and Education Facility


Click on “Read More” to check out the photo diary and see the building starting to take shape. 


Heritage House Museum


Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve and promote the heritage of the community and the region through the development and operation of educational focused facilities. We endeavor to preserve and maintain a traditional historic fishing village while enhancing it’s profile and appeal. We intend to accomplish our goals by developing projects that provide  the opportunity for everyone to experience coastal Newfoundland, both in a hands on manner and in a more historical museum type manner. Read More

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